Wednesday, April 11, 2012

It’s just as mental as it is physical “at least that’s what they tell me”!

Obviously you have to put in the work!  Training is about consistency, nutrition is more about trial and error. You will notice that your performance does fluctuate, but after a while you will notice that your body is so much more capable that you thought it was when you started training.

As for the “other half” your mind.  You must also train your mind. I find mental training very personal. We all do it weather its negative or positive but we become what we believe we are. For me this is where yoga comes in big-time. If you notice on my training program I always have a slot for yoga because it reminds me to connect my mental thought to my physical training & if you have ever been to one of my yoga classes I do tell you to thank your body for all it does for you!

Here are a few steps of mental training I put together.

Step 1: Set a goal. In my case it the 70.3 Vineman.

Step 2: Create your Mantra: obviously, mine is “IN LIFE YOU MUST TRI” if you don’t try you will never know!

Step 3: Visualize yourself in that process completing that goal.

Step 4: BELIVE IN YOURSELF – I know it’s the hardest thing for me. To really trust that you are good enough, worthy, strong, smart, and WILL complete your goal is key.

Step 5: Work through your Fears. If I have a flat, what will I do, if I fall, what will I do, feel confident and in control of your fear and conquer it. Know you are ready! 

Step 6: What I call “Bottling the Zone”. Sometimes you feel so high that you can concur anything and have the best race ever, and others, not so much. Well remember that high zone, bottle it up & use it when you are down.  This is where my mantra comes in handy. Some self talk and visualizing can get you through a lot and if not turn to your support group.

Step 7: Build a support group. Let your family & friends know what you are doing. This way when you are down they can help pump you back up, because sometimes when we don’t believe in ourselves, we can look at the face of someone who does or listen to their voice and they remind us of the TRUE YOU! This way we get back on the saddle and keep going.

(This is good for me to write, I might have to read this mental training the night before race day!)