Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Have you started your Journey?

Training programs either follow millage or time. Others follow weight or repetitions. Today I decided I better know my goal – in order to plan my journey… anything, because without a destination you will never arrive.
So I have decided to set some realistic goals for my current situation. Plans as follows. Since I like to start my programs on Monday this will be my schedule beginning 10/10/11 Ending 11/6/11

Yoga/Walk 2 miles
Swim 20 min
Yoga/walk 2 miles
Swim 20 min /Lift 30 min
Yoga/Walk 3 miles
Yoga/Jog 1 mile -walk 2
Swim 30 min
Yoga/Jog 1 mile- walk 2
Swim 30 min /Lift 30 min
Jog 2 miles
Yoga/Jog 2 -walk 2 miles
Swim 40 min
Yoga/Jog 1 mile- walk 3
Swim 30 min /Lift 30 min
Yoga/Jog 3 miles
Yoga/Run 2 -walk 2 miles
Swim 45 min
Yoga/Run 3 mile- walk 2
Swim 30 min /Lift 30 min
Yoga/Run 3 Walk 2 miles

Note: When doing more than one activity per day try to break it up, by doing one in the AM and the second PM or Mid Day.
I used to argue, that by not having any expectations in life, you never seem to get disappointed. I WAS WRONG-I have learned that without any expectation you never succeed. Without goals, you can’t assess how far you have come in all aspects of your life. Life is about progression, accomplishments growth and love.  We must imagine/see our destination and then we figure out the route in life that will take us there. In the meantime don’t forget to enjoy the journey. 

Man improves himself as he follows his path; if he stands still, waiting to improve before he makes a decision, he'll never move.
Paulo Coelho