Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Rock Bottom

I had never seen rock bottom till a few weeks ago. I know I hit it. I always thought anxiety, depression panic attacks, “oh that’s all stress” and my attitude was, get over it people! That was until a few weeks ago when I was stressed & anxious, to the point that I had to leave a store. What does it feel like? Well let’s just say, your heart beats so fast you think your chest is about to pop. You can’t breathe, to the point that you start rolling down your window while driving to try and catch a breath –kinda like puppies in a car. You feel like you are dizzy & going to pass out. You can’t eat, but you are so dehydrated that you can’t drink enough to keep hydrated. You are overwhelmed with people around you. You want to run & hide and all you can think is about is going to a comfortable place! That my friends is a panic attack. If you know me, you know how anti drugs I am especially antidepressants- to me; they are nothing but a band aid. My Battle with the broken tail bone has really challenged me. I have lost my stress relief- running, and a quick endorphin fix is no longer an option. So, stress arises.
In my search to find solutions for the stress I was facing I was able to find an alternative to antidepressants - natural supplements- exact amounts of what’s missing from my diet, body & environment. I started taking them today and I will record the outcome. I truly believe, in my heart, we are all capable of improving our mental and physical healthy if we listen to our instincts and do what’s right.
Some keys to that are
  1. Acknowledge the problem and then - Get Healthy first
  2. Figure out what’s the problem
  3. Write it down- Keep a journal- figure out what’s triggering all this , what makes you happy what makes you sad, annoyed, stressed, enthusiastic, anything –write it down.
  4. Do your homework, learn read & grow
  5. Be accountable- have realistic goals & timelines
MOST IMPORTANT - it's not going to get fixed overnight (all good things take time) - Make the change so you can BE HAPPY – you only live once- START LIVING…