Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Today is a New Year...

New beginnings are great, because we get to look ahead, plan ahead and change the course we are on. Mondays, birthdays & New Year’s seems to be the most popular reset buttons we think of. Yet we should wake up every day and think today & this moment is a new moment in my life, make it the best.
Life is a choice, try and make a happy loving productive one… My new choice is in 2012 I hope to have completed an Ironman.
Choose well, choose wise and most importantly, chose.
You are number one! Choose yourself then you can choose others - till you can help yourself you can’t help others. It’s like being on a flight and the flight attendant saying” in case of an emergency, adjust your oxygen mask & then help others around you” because if you are dead you can’t help anyone else! Remind yourself  -  I am number 1