Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Holidays

The holidays are here, we all tend to go a bit overboard during holiday meals. Try to take control this year & feel great about yourself in doing so. Here are a few easy tips to stay fit and not put on excess weight during the holidays.
1.    1. Plan your workout J you’ll feel better eating your holiday meals after that workout.
2.    2. Eat slowly, try to converse and take your time at the table, this way you’ll realize you are full without stuffing yourself.
3.   3.  Bring one or two dishes that you have cooked to the table – this way you’ll at least know what’s all in what you have prepared.
4.   4.Portion Control.  Try to fill your plate once with all you would like to eat, look at your dish and examine if you have gone overboard.
5.    5. Encourage your friends & family to be active. Go on a group walk/run. Head out to a yoga class, or go out skiing. Try a fun activity including everyone this way you have not spent your time away from family and friend while exercising.
6.   6. Don’t weigh yourself. Stressing out a pound or two is not going to help.
7.  7. Most Importantly…. DRINK WATER & Have FUN!