Monday, December 3, 2012

Order Matters

This weekend has really been an eye opener to me on how order truly matters. There are the simple things like we all know we should start our day with a decent breakfast, why? Breakfast is the meal of the day that jump starts your metabolism, a healthy breakfast will also balance you blood sugar levels, help your morning focus, concentration & productivity.

Another option for better results with your workouts is morning workouts; with a morning workout you increase your metabolism for the entire day. Sometimes our lives don’t permit this order but the earlier on your get your workout in the better.

The order of your exercises matters for several different reasons. Depending on what your goal is, you set your workout to succeed.  If you are just working out to maintain overall health then just adjust your workouts to avoid extreme fatigue & injury. If your goal is to improve cardiovascular then you should perform your cardiovascular exercises before you strength train or yoga. If your goal is to strength train or increase muscle size, then you should weight train and then do your cardio, this way you don’t deplete glycogen level and defeat the purpose. If your goal is weight loss, then do your cardio first then your strength training or yoga.

In a triathlon training you always have a brick workout and in this workout you practice biking and then running. This quick transition allows your legs to become more comfortable with the adjustment from one activity to another. Keeping with this order, you will become more successful in your triathlon.

This weekend I switched up my hot yoga running order & the result proved to me this:
“Run before hot yoga, never felt better, run after hot yoga, not a good idea” or if you don’t run or yoga you might relate better to “Beer before liquor, never sicker, liquor before beer, never fear”.