Monday, May 14, 2012

“If you are tired of staring over, STOP quitting”

I have found myself constantly thinking: ok this Monday I’m starting over. Every Monday is a new beginning for me. Especially coming back from a vacation or falling into a 3-5 day slump. But I have come to realize, we are always building up and not needing to start over. Sometime your body need s long break that does not mean you have lost all you have worked for. All you do in between also counts just because it’s not “part of your training plan” doesn’t mean it doesn’t count. Health & Fitness is a lifetime process. We are always building up.  I think the starting over concept may apply if you have not been healthy for a long period of time. Even then your body has a lot of muscle memory, it just need s to be exercised.  Muscle memory is pretty remarkable. When  you take a couple of weeks off, yes it might take a week or two to get back into the swing of things, but after that initial phase you fall right back where you were. 

Not all activity is the same. We should constantly have variety in our and fitness just like we preach in our diets. We all hit plateaus, & muscle confusion is important to counter that. Rotating your workouts & activity is necessary. Our body is a whole unit; you can’t improve only working on one thing. We all know the runners that all they do is run, no upper body strength, no flexibility and then when they can’t run for some reason they lose it. If injury has taught me one thing, it’s BE CREATIVE! If you can’t run, try swimming, yoga, lifting, walking, there is a benefit to everything. Mix it up.

I was looking at running shoes the other day and I like a particular brand and style for the most part, but while I was doing a shoe fit analysis the person helping me made a very good point. If this brand switches something or your foot gets used to only one fit, you will adapt to it and if you ever switch, you are more injury prone. So try to use a variety of light, heavy, less & more support in your shoes and you will cover more bases and your feet will easily adapt and get stronger. Light bulb went on, that is how our bodies work! 

Remember you are stronger than you think, just because you took a break doesn’t mean you lost all you have been working for. Mix it up, take a break and keep you head high, because YOU CAN ACHIEVE IT!