Friday, May 25, 2012

Choosing # 1

My dad always says make sure #1 is happy because if number 1 isn’t happy then no one is. You ask who’s’ number 1? Well there’s the problem, you must choose yourself first before anyone else. YOU ARE #1. Just think when you are on a flight, in case of emergency you help yourself & then others. So here are a few tips on making sure you are number  1.

1. You time: give yourself 30 minutes a day for yourself no one else. No phone, no computer no kids no family just YOU. Make a list of 10 things you would like to do & start doing it your time. Take a walk, listen to music & dance, yoga, eat a pastry while reading in bed, run, play video games, write in a journal, just take 30 minutes to get to know yourself.
2. Evaluate your true needs. Sometimes you give too much, find what your need and give to yourself first.
3. Step back and soak in the moment. Just BE in the moment. No matter where you are stop – breath- look around – observe the environment you are in- smell the scents around you- listen to the simple sounds & touch. Try this, even if you are in a hurry at a grocery store take a minute to explore your environment. 
4. What gives you bliss?
5. Get Inspired. Without a dream, inspiration or goal you will not step forward towards anything. Get inspired.
6.  Step out of your box. Be friendly say hello to someone you don’t know, volunteer at a shelter, try a new food, jump in a cold river, anything. Just give it a try.
7.  Learn to say NO.
8.  Accepting your imperfections and remembering NO ONE IS PERFECT.