Friday, May 18, 2012

Using the right Gear & Why it’s important

What are running shoes so expensive at a running store compare to your average running shoes at a department store. Well there is a lot to running shoes, the fit & running form, different levels of stability and support, hence a lot of different kinds of shoes. First off, go to a reputable running store and get a  bio mechanical analysis, all that is, is you run on a treadmill and a store rep will film your feet while run, this way you can get an analysis of your foot stride and mechanics, in order to be fit in the correct shoe for you. This way you avoid buying several pairs of shoes that may hurt your feet and cause you pain in the future or waste your money trying to find the right.

I must admit I have been riding my bike for a while without a good bike fit. Finally I got a bike fit and now not only do I feel the difference but I understand how important that is. I thought since I’m a female and I have a women’s specific bike that the size fits, then how different can a bike fit be. Well it sure makes a huge difference. For the longest time I thought I need a softer bike seat, come to fine, that my bike seat is fine just that it was tilted too high for comfort.  Basically a bike fit will help you attain more comfort on the bike but more importantly avoid injury. At the bike fit they will put you on a trainer and film your motion before and after the fit so you can see the difference in your stride, you seat angle, seat-to-handlebar distance, seat height, toe clip length/cleat position, handlebar drop and much more. This will all help you be more efficient and less injury prone.

Just remember it is National Bike Month

“If you worried about falling off the bike, you'd never get on.”  Lance Armstrong