Thursday, February 2, 2012

Feeling like a Gypsy?

You must be training for a triathlon then. Well today really made me feel like a gypsy. I usually have at least a bag of workout cloths, running shoes & a yoga mat in my car. Since I had to get all my workouts in this morning, I felt like I was a circus act- how do you pack a triathlete into a Subaru hatchback. I woke up, had breakfast and headed to the gym for a good stretch and a run. Then change and go to the pool for a swim. Then shower and change to go to work- at this point I’ve had 3 outfits on already :)  I had to pack my cloths and gear and go to work.  Now since I need to lift and won’t get a chance to do it tonight like I usually would – I went to the gym on my lunch break to change like for 20 min shower change and go back to work. Oh man this can get exhausting- so from my day I concluded someone out there needs to design a gym/yoga/triathlon bag that can hold a yoga Mat, 2 pairs of shoes, a huge mesh pocket for wet swim gear, cloths, blow-dryer, make up and about 5 changes of cloths :)
Best part of today, is I feel great and my workouts are done.