Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Top 10 Reasons Yoga is the Best CrossTraining for Runners & Triathletes

1. Endurance and Lung Capacity: A regular yoga practice will help you use more of your lung capacity and enhance oxygen conversion and absorption, as well as improve blood circulation.
2. Body Awareness and Imbalances: Yoga assists with side balancing and strength. Many endurance athletes, lack single leg strength, balance, and body awareness. Injuries or chronic tightness are usually an indicator of an imbalance on one side or the other.
3. Posture: Yoga will help you get to better posture thus avoiding injury.
4. Controlling your Breathing: A regular yoga practice will teach you to take more control of your breathing and emphasizes on deepening and lengthening your breaths.
5. Strength: Almost all of the poses will add strength to your overall muscles especially core strength, also focusing on small muscles that you don’t give much attention to through weight training.
6. Increase Flexibility & Range of motion: Yoga helps develop a fuller range of motion in order to be more efficient in our movements.
7. Core Strength: Sometimes the core is neglected when training for marathons & triathlons, but with yoga a stronger core develops from the many postures using the core strength.
8. Stabilizing Muscle Strength: Maintaining posture in poses will help us strengthen joins & stabilizer muscles to support our bodies.
9. Injury Prevention: All of the above will help reduce injury. 
10. Most importantly: yoga is fun, it helps us connect our mind with our bodies, and it challenges us, relaxes us & always changes.