Wednesday, February 1, 2012

There’s a reason for a Food Journal

Yes we have heard it a million times, if you want to accomplish weight loss, improve your nutrition or become a body builder, you must start by keeping a food journal!!!! I’ve always said boo to food journals, it’s a waste of time (I mean really who has time to input everything they ate into an app). Well today is only day 2 for me and I find myself feeling really tired sluggish and starving- So I decided to track everything I ate yesterday and today plus looking at my workouts. After calculating  all my food (which is almost 8 meals a day- let’s just say I’m a constant grazer) I realized I think I’m not in taking enough protein and that’s why I’m burning my  carbs way too fast & feeling hungry all the time. Not to mention (ok yes I might have over done the workout part also).  Last night I doubled my workout and instead of sticking to one, I did all three L… Not giving my body enough recovery time, I woke up early and went for a swim… Bad bad bad. I know better.
So I decided to actually sit down figure out my nutritional goal (not calories in take  but proteins & carbs) then I decided to take it easier and make sure I don’t do what I did last night and this am. Because training is like a pie a balance in all things, if you don’t follow your plan you’ll burn out or slack off. Best to keep in check & keep balanced.